3 dollar Scallops/ $15 Dinner

After shopping I love to eat! So I have to let you know on two funny dining scenarios from the other day. I had a craving for a really great steak and my local Associate only sells Sirloin and Chuck so I kissed the idea goodbye and headed to Wholefoods in Union Square. In the butcher department they had a glorious Ribeye that was about 18 per pound Fine I deal with it and after I picked out the prettiest most marbled piece I was happy. Then it hit me! Wouldn't surf and turf be great? So I head over to the seafood department and decide on Scallops- easy to make, no cleaning or shelling. I ask the fishmonger for 6 scallops. As loud as possible he counts out 1,2,3,4,5,6 scallops which came up to a little over 19 bucks- Good Lord!
I did not protest since I had a taste but I realized that here I was trying to eat organic, farm raised, healthy politically correct and I spending close to 40 dollars! I didn't even have a vegatable,which I braced myself for. I strolled around produce and then decided to check on the prepared foods, saving me a task. I did a total of three laps looking for these spicy string beans they usually had, so i settled for these red bliss potatoes with parmasean. In total my meal was 45 bucks! To take the edge off, I headed to trader Joe and picked two bottles of Charles Shaw Chardonnay, they go for about 3 bucks a bottle!

Last night I met up with my College friend Dest. She is so cute she does Visuals for a major retail brand that shall remain nameless. I had passed by this spot Sette for a while. It is located in Chelsea on 7th ave and 21st. I had mussels in wine sauce, Chicken parm, a glass of Reisling and chocolate mousse. Dest had grilled veggies in balsalmic reduction, grilled chicken with Mesculan salad and also chocolate mousse our total tax, 20% tip 50 bucks. Yes we had their Long Lunch which is a three course meal from 12-7 pm for 15 bucks not including the wine which was 8 bucks for the glass. Love it! So it bugs me out when people say NY is expensive or that it cost a lot to dine out.
Here is the irony, I spent 50 bucks on one meal in Whole Foods and 50 bucks on dinner for two at Sette. They say it is cheaper to eat in!