I wanted to let you all know I have decided to post my life and my love of shopping on blogger. It is post holiday sales so I am scrathing to hit up everyone from Gucci to Club Monaco and get my little Doggie something from Old Navy. I have more clothes than I need- really. But I feel that since I have no responsibilities I should at the least work on being the best dressed person I can be. So, I love to shop, shop all day shop all night. I love a bargain, I love a deal.

Today's shopping I will have to wait becasue I do need to eat. So the only stores I will be buying from include Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I may make a stop to Gobay's but I have heels and I do not have the energy to navigate 14th st pedestrians. I may make a stop into Forever 21 and Filene's- just to look. My main goal is to make dinner.