Bronzer and Pulled Pork

Laugh at the byline but, that is how I summed up my weekend. Friday night was my friend Dee’s birthday party held at Manor. Check out the Black H&M jumper with a pair of green heels that I was dying to have photographed so badly, I pulled out an old school cheerleading move so they would get an appropriate photo.
Take a moment to respect my bronzer game, I have a specific ratio of loose powder shimmer, lotion and bronzer stick to perfect my glow. I love a fab crew and we were shining that night- boys and girls! Go Shorty It’s Ya Birthday! We Shine, You Shine! The celebration continued on Saturday with an early dinner at Stanton Social- I will keep you posted on my service issue. Again, Dee and her make-up artiste sister, my bestest friend, Tamara, took the fab approach as well as their guests. I respect your gangsta Delbridge sisters!

Like the previous evening, I wore H&M; I actually have this dress in nude as well. I call it my sleeper item; People sleep on H&M and Forever 21 and you can find some really great stunning pieces, put that with great shoes and an amazing bag and no one will think it is what it is because, they slept on it! Finally on Sunday, I had an impromptu dinner at my place- check out my Mrs. Rooper zebra print jumper again H&M- you have got to love how I channel my inner Sophia Loren/Palm Beach Hostess at any time! I invited a couple of my friends over to try my Three Day Pulled Pork Sliders, Cherry Tomato Gratin and homemade vanilla ice cream! I think it was a hit, clean plates and seconds are a sure sign! Thanks ladies for stopping by Chez Shaun!

Hey Recessionistas, - tell me what you have in your closet that you consider to be a sleeper item send pics also!