I Heart Sammy J and Old Navy!

Thanks Sammy J for making me run to the Old Navy rather than return to the Tracey Reese Sample Sale. Without you, I would have had the opportunity to rock an $11 dollar outfit the other night!
A few weeks back I took a trip with my friend, Sammy J, to the Old Navy in Chelsea, she was looking for some pieces for her trip to DR and I followed. I don’t hit up Old Navy that often but, I do have some great pieces from there including a palm print maxi dress I bought this season and a denim trench I bought for $10 bucks about five years ago. Anyway, I f you are not aware, I love I mean love anything with sequence and what do you know, Old Navy did a capsule collection of evening wear and it had tons of glitz and sparkle. I picked up about four tops all bedazzled, a comfy linen dress, another maxi and some shorts that are super flattering. I say that because I have issues with bottoms bit they had the best fabric ever- spandex which gave it some give.

July is the best time to buy summer clothes, I know it sounds crazy but all the summer stuff is deeply discounted and you still have August and most of September to wear it. This is one of my prime rules of creating a cheap and chic wardrobe! So head off to all your fave stores and see what if they have any great items for even greater prices!
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so this blog is totally hot

I have so many comments I don't know where to start....but I will start by saying WOW - those are some great photos that will have me coming back to read and see more! Including of the author herself!