Biggin up my Borough-Shopping at the Flea

Next to Biggie and Jay-Z, I rep BK pretty hard and this weekend I wanted to hit up Brooklyn Flea Market. My true intentions were to eat and look around. Instead, I bought a dress and had an ice cream cone. Abigail, my friend and well known frustrated interior decorator cruised threw the furniture vendors which were aplenty. She took home this leather wide back sitting chair for an amazing $25 bucks.

Abigail's $25 dollar leather chair

Always the one to insist I am missing something from my wardrobe, I hit up the vintage clothing stands. As a lover of vintage I was amazed at the selections and price points. Find Vintage was where I picked up this stunning 80's dress! Tu is the owner and was so hands on, I felt like I was a true client. This backless number was just $35 bucks and I can't wait to pull it out- any suggestions?

Front of dress at Find Vintage

Back of dress at Find Vintage

Note: When shopping at a flea market and trying on clothes wear something easy- unlike myself!

If you are game for some great vintage finds both furniture and clothing, I suggest you head out to Brooklyn Flea while the weather is still great! I am putting Find Vintage and a couple of other vendors on my radar most definitely!

Brooklyn Flea

Behind Bishop Loughlin High School

Lafayette and Vanderbilt

Find Vintage

Blue Marble Ice Cream

Blue Marble Ice Cream cone!

Furniture Vendors
E. Grace said...

So I loveee the vintage dress.
You can either play it safe and wear a patent leather peep toe pump.
But..that would not be you..
FUNK IT Up a lil bit, rock some purple pumps..but it depends on the hue...
Either way im sure you will pull it off.
By the way..I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
I'm a SESblognista...

Ok Im outta here..