Damn I Want Your Wardrobe


Hands down, Tracee Ellis Ross is my fashion idol. The media sleeps on her outfits and it ain't fear you hear me! Tracee's momma is Ms. Ross for sake! How is it that Vogue, Elle- even Perez sleeps on this bad ass chick! It was reported that Tracee brought in pieces from her own wardrobe to the set of Girlfriends. My homegirl Bola, and I would book out our Monday evenings just to ooh and aaah over Joan's wardrobe. Outside the show, Tracee is one of the baddest red carpet dressers and she doesn't use a stylist. Get it right, you are about to witness first class fierce shit! Before starring on Girlfriends she worked at the infamous Polo Mansion and as a fashion stylist for New York and Mirabella magazine. What I love aboutTracee's overall style is that it incorporates many similar aesthetics that I follow. Tracee loves vintage, great bags and doesn't overdo it with in your face recognizable designers that are always seen on label whores. Instead, she loves great bags, dresses that show off her great shape and keeps make up and hair low key but still stunning! Her look so "Yes I am fly, and no you can't dress like me overnight!" I heart you Tracee, I really do! Below reflect in a moment of greatness:

Essence Photo shoot

Publicity stills for Girlfriends

At a Chanel party

At the NAACP Awards

Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree with you more Ms. Ross is soooo underrated! She and I have similar body types so I’ve taken a few fashion ques from her. In one picture she’s wearing a black blazer with cut-out sides (which I want to say is by YSL) that I had fallen in love with months before I saw her wearing it. That’s when I knew… she arrived!

J E N E E N + N I C O L E said...

She is Mos Def Totes underated, the Girl is a BEAST!!!