Full Frontal Fashion is my fix

Last week, I posted The Top Ten Shows for fashionistas. I like totally left out the most major boobtube fashion fix ever, Voom Network’s Full Frontal Fashion. It markets itself as 24/7 coverage of nothing but fashion, style, d├ęcor and dining. For a fashion show junkie like myself, I need Full Frontal Fashion all day everyday. I can’t tell you the anchors on The Today Show but, I can spot Christina Ha, Lloyd Boston and Judy Litch a mile away.

When I saw that my mom had non stop coverage of fashion, I was full of envy. Why, why did the number crunching lady who thinks Cheaters should win an Emmy have access to all day fashion covergae. Why, Why why! After consoling me, Mom told me that if I changed my cable boxes to HD, I'd get this channel for free. Whaaat! (like Lil Jon) I hobbled down to East Flatbush on Black Friday by taking a bus to the train, and even set up the boxes myself. If you know me, I don't do any handiwork at all! But like any junkie, you do what you gotta do to get a fix!
Full Frontal Fashion does runway coverage, designer interviews and commentary from leading editors like Suze Yalof Scwartz and Vogue's Sally Singer. The coverage is very strong on the New York shows but does equal coverage of Paris, London, Milan, LA and even Miami Fashion week. Being NY based, I go to the New York shows but not the International counterparts. With Full Frontal Fashion, I get to watch Lanvin, Chanel, Armani and Alexander McQueen in full action. Style.com is great , but I don’t get the full effect and the fourth dimension of movement.

Once, I didn’t get a signal for Full Frontal for one whole day, and I thought I was having a breakdown. When you stop by my place and I force you to watch this, please understand that I am not attempting to harm you. I am a junkie and Full Frontal Fashion is my fix. To all my fellow fashionistas that need a constant fashion fix and you are not getting it, dial up for Cable provider and tell them that your life depends on having the newest accessories.