Get to Loehmann's Now

This weekend I was in Loehmann's part of the Holy Trinity of Reccesionista stores Daffy's and Forever 21 being the other two. All I have to say is get a heads up on everyone else and do your holiday party wardrobe shopping now. Yes ladies, there are tons of options for New Year's Eve, corporate parties and winter weddings! The second floor has tons of dresses by Kay Unger, Nicole Miller, ABS, Theory, Tory Burch, French Connection and Hype. Hurry up and get down there because I do not want to hear you don't have anything to wear come holiday season!
Discount Designer Shopper said...

Blessings to you for that shout out!!

Now, we can only hope that people actually listen! Otherwise, yes, they will bemoan the picked through racks that do not produce a perfect dress on Thursday that needs top be worn on a Saturday in December!

Of course I am on the scool of thought that says : Get thee to Loehmann's NOW.. everyday. I swear it's an adiction...but the reg tag clearence sale is still happening.. and then look! a three hour labour day sale!!

Now there is NO excuse not to go get some discount clothing!