Get Your Shop On- Intermix Sale

When it comes to shopping, I like to know about major sales in advance so you can scan your wardrobe, plan your day of arrival and budget yourself. Next week, Intermix is having its annual warehouse sale. My elementary school homegirl, Heather puts me on to this as well as so many things its crazy.
Its being held not in their stores but, just two city blocks East of the Barney's one. If you happen to hit up both, please send me pics of your purchases!
I am hoping they have some Leger or maybe even Matthew Williamson for me to get my hands on!
Also, ladies please remember to apply the Sample Sale Commandments!

Intermix 8/26-8/28
Metropolitan Pavilion

110 West 19th Street
9am - 8pm
Up to 70% off Clothes and Accessories.
2, 3, F or V Train to west 14th Street

1 or 9 to west 18th