Gotta Have It Beauty

Hey guys, I believe that looking great isn't just about clothes, it is the entire package, most importantly skin. I wanted to share two major skincare products that I cannot live without, and they are super cheap and available at your local drug store.

Up first is the Neutrogena Pure Glow Daily Cleansing Cushions. I first saw these at Jack's World back in October. Pure Glow is exactly what you do after using these little miracle makers.They get your skin super clean and they exfoliate at the same time. If you want to do a no makeup day, you totally can with these bad boys. The results are a dewy and refreshed look that will have your friends thinking you spent a fortune costing facial. The cushions aren't harsh and can be used daily, I choose not to because my skin is super sensitive.I am so thankful for this products that the last time I went to Jack's World, I bought 5 packs just to me over to the winter.

Queen Helene Vitamin C and Honey or the Grape Seed Extract Peel are my other cheap beauty treats. I don't have a preference between the two. At most, the Vitamin C is a somewhat more acidic than the Grape Seed Extract, keep away from eyes. The results however, are amazing with zero visible pores and that top icky layer of dead skin, gone without any flare ups or reddishness. After using the masks and applying makeup, I see in pics that my cheeks hold my blush more than usual. I have both of these in my house and use them about once a week.

I swear by these and I feel great that the results are quick and flattering and my pocket isn't ridiculously lighter after purchasing. Hope I converted. Click on the link to find out where to purchase these items.

P.S. I would love to hear about your cheap beauty treatments, shoot me an email and if it sounds great, I will post.