Hellooooooooooooooo Brooklyn!

Hello Brooklyn, how you doin
Where you goin, can I come to?
And if I can, Imma be your man
You could be my baby and have my baby

I am BK all day everyday and I decided to spend this past Saturday hitting up a few of my favorite shops in my native borough. I told, Aisha about Hootie Couture my all time favorite vintage shop and how I have scored some amazing pieces. Aisha actually traveled from Harlem to see what I have been raving about. I love Hootie because you never know what you are going to walk out with and you find the most amazing pieces ever. Here is a pic of the owner Alison and her staffer Star/Vanessa another fierce ass Libra.

Fierce ass Libra, Star is to the left, Alison the owner of Hootie on the right

Not only does Hootie have a great selection of vintage from the 30’s up until the 80’s the prices are to die for. When it comes to vintage, I am usually in search of fur followed by anything Halstonlike or Pucciesque. As a matter of fact, I picked up this amazing Pucci like dress while I was there. Fashionistas of all time Amel Larrieux and Lauryn Hill are fans of Hootie Couture. Below are two hot items that caught my eye

I love this Pucci like dress, I am so wearing it to Fashion Week!

This shirt dress reminded me of Jane Fonda in 9 to 5, the color was great too!

Our next successful stop was another vintage spot, Old is New located on St. Marks and Sixth. They carry great furs, leather and hats. Here we are outside next to a very curvy body form .

We ended our trip at the amazing Pieces of Brooklyn boutique where Aisha picked up a very white silk halter dress channelng her inner Marilyn Monroe. I can’t wait to see her in this.

This dress was hot, and Aisha got it for a steal!

P.S. My leopard print maxi dress is Forever 21 – Isn’t it hot?