The Hills Recap

Yes, I am a grown ass woman who watches The Hills and calls my friends in between commercials to discuss! Now, after getting that off my chest, I made some notes about last night's season premier.

1. Lo is so not cute.

2. Lauren does not have nice cleavage to be such a young girl.

3. Heidi has had the best transformation.

4. Audrina needs to break her whole foot off in Lo's ass.

5. The show is so damn scripted.

6. Lauren needs to give Princess Leia back her braid.

7. Heidi has stepped her bag game up by 780%. Please tell me you peeped the Hermes Birkin that she so effortlessly placed on the table.

8. In the real world Heidi would never ever have that job at Bolthouse and I don't think she gets a salary.

9. Heidi's bag game is so up there now, she was able to give her older sister the Chanel bag she got for Christmas in the first season.

10. What the hell was Heidi's sister thinking when she got those gluey ass extensions?