I’m So Excited

I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It
Imma About to Lose Control and I think I like it!

Okay, so usually I get super depressed in August. I start counting the last days of summer and on top of that the clock starts ticking towards my birthday which is in October. Luckily, and due to recent events my mood has changed for the better. It all started last week when I was approved for Fashion Week. I love going to the shows, there is an energy like no other. All this month I will be blogging about my Fashion Week wardrobe. During the actual shows, I will be blogging as well . Secondly, and I know this sounds sad as hell but, there are openings in all the classes I want to take this fall. I am torn between Fashion journalism, How to Open a Restaurant and Bridal Consulting. Don’t Laugh; I have a genuine interest in all of those things! Last and the most exciting is my Fall reality television line up- Bravo thank you so much. I am so geeked about Real Housewives of Atlanta . I was super stocked last night because,before I hit the sack, I watched a preview of The Rachel Zoe Project. If you don't know who Rachel Zoe is , you better ask somebody! She is only like the most glamouriffic stylist out there. Rachel Zoe, Andrea Leiberman, Britt Bardot and Jessica Paster are the most sought after celebrity stylist. You can credit Rachel Zoe for making Nichole Richie the fashion fave she is now.

Getting back to Must See Fall TV. I am as geeked as are the entire Reality TV Crew- Aisha, Sammy J, Tamara and Cousin JR. The crew encompasses three states but we all have a common bond with the Bravo Housewives series. I love that this season they are in the New Money Mecca; HotAtlanta. Oooh, I cannot wait until this fall.

P.S. I was super excited this morning to hear my Forever 21 package will arrive by Friday. My guilty pleasure is Forever 21 or as Aisha likes to call it Vingt et Un . I plan on dedicating at a week long post to Forever very soon! Keep an eye out for it and check out one of my favorite Vingt et Un outfits! Yes, I took that at my Grandmother's house! Holla at me Mamie!