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OK, to prove to you that I am abreast with current events besides, Sample Sales, here is my take on the Democratic Convention. The turquoise dress that Michelle Obama wore on Monday night , I loved it but, then gain, I Michelle and I love color! Naysayers were not convinced about her overall choice but, put it up against Hilary's appalling Chico inspired pantsuit last night and Michelle could do no wrong.Chuuuuuch! Michelle refuses to apologize about her intelligence and her love for clothing which is okay in Hollywood but not okay for the old fogey institution of Washington. The dress looked great on her and made her appear leaner and warmer. The hue was flattering because color looks great on people of color-Duh! Also turquoise may not be traditional but, it is very appealing to the eye and calming on the human eye. Wonkette begs to differ and deemed it to cocktail, less politico wife. With all the talk about color choice etc, it goes to show that there isn't that much to criticize about Ms. Obama. I am so hopeful for this November because I feel that Michelle will be our new Jackie O. We need some style and handsome in the Oval Office, take my mind off the economy. OOOH, to document her outfits would be a dream!
People get ready, there's a change a coming!
Anonymous said...

Ahh yes! Jackie O pioneered so many classic and groundbreaking looks in fashion. She elevated the expectations of not only first ladies, but women who claim to have class everywhere! (Personally, I adore two fashionistas: Jackie and Audrey!) Dare I say that we are on the brink of putting a genuine lady back in the white house? It's very refreshing to see Michelle pull off these classic styles the last few weeks, without it looking forced. Let the naysayers naysay!! She has looked fab all week and I am sure that the best is yet to come. BTW, this new chick, Pahlin or whatever better come with something better than North Faces and Patagonia fleeces. She's running for VP now, not skiing in Alaska!