The Sample Sale Commandments

Check out my stunning purchases at the SSS Sample Sale! After you salivate at my amazing purchases, read my rules for Sample Sale Shopping below.

Left to right Theory wool Dress, Theory Cashmere Dress, Theory Cashmere Coat

Alice+Olivia Cocktail Dress

Solo Shot of Theory Cashmere Coat

Theory Leather Trench for $50 Bucks- Holla at me Dawg!

How to Get the Best Out of a NYC Sample Sale

1. Do not expect to find anything at all. Sample Sales are not times to get a new fall wardrobe, they are to add to your existing one. If you walk out with two great things you did pretty damn well.

2. Consider all shoppers as the enemy. Throw out all of your fashionista social graces. Bump and shove if you have to and avoid any and all contact except to stare the living hell out of someone.

3. Wear something easy to slip out of and do not go with tons of bags. This is a carry light day.

4. The mirrors are devised to take 6 inches off the top and add it to your bottom.

5. If you like something, hold on to it for dear life. There are women who are employed by Satan himself to pick up every piece you liked and purchase it even if it’s not their size. These women are called Sale Harpies and while they have a closet full of stuff they can’t fit, you on the other hand, will spend many summers waxing philosophically of that Lanvin gown for $55 bucks that got away.

6. Do not go at Lunch time or after work. If so, do not complain about lines or crowds, deal with it.

7. Tell you friend who tagged along that you will call on her only twice during this. Once to see if she is in the try on area and last to see if she is ready to check out.

8. The people that work Sample Sales are not your typical sales people. They are there to treat you badly and give no information at all.

9. Check items out thoroughly before making purchase. Many items are damaged by the designer on purpose to stop copycats. Other times things are just dirty from being tried on a lot.

10. If it doesn’t look great then, it won’t look great at home. You can’t exchange or get a refund because most Sample Sales are final.

11. Keep conversation to a minimum, you need to stay focused. You have to be the one to come back to the office with the best score ever. In order to do that you need a clear head, no mindless chatter.

12. Go with your gut, if you don’t need it, don’t feel emotionally attached or it doesn’t fit great- leave it there. Invest that money in your IRA.

13. The first day is always crazy. I say go on the last, if there is still stuff left it was meant to be and it may even be cheaper than the first day.

14. Stay in the loop and sign up for them so you have first dibs. Here are a few links so sign up to!

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Vaine Girl said...

OMG....I love what you're doing, it about time someone with style put something like this together. I love that green dress and off white coat....I cant wait to see whats next....

Love fashion