Sisters Saved Me!

Sammy J has done it again! I had been searching for a quick fast salon for a minute. My qualifications were simple- Wash and Set under 20 bucks with decent hours and decent service. You think it would be simple but it's not. The salons in my neighborhood are closed on Sunday and some time on Monday. They claim they take their last customer at 6:30 but roll up in there at 5, and they rush you so much, you will leave with damp hair. Top that off with my phobia of salons on weekends- I can not sit for an hour to be washed, sit for another hour with a conditioner cap and then wait to be blown out, I fell like I put in a days work With all that drama, this is where Sammy J came in and changed my life. I had admired Sam's hair for some time and when I asked her where she went to get it done, it shocked me. Sisters located Downtown Brooklyn was not what I expected.

With two locations on the same street, I had passed by Sisters and even taken a card but I always felt weird not getting a basic wash in my neighborhood. I also thought it was a run of the mill salon that I would just be in for hours, like all the others. A few weeks later, I bravely stepped foot into Sisters Salon on Lawrence Street and was immediately converted. Thank you Sammy J.

Now please understand Sisters is a basic Dominican Salon but it operates like no other salon. The first reason is that they are swift and efficient because they are fully staffed. I counted 20 dryers, 4 wash stations and 10 styling stations all manned. I am use to being in the salon 3 hours, at Sisters it's 90 minutes tops. Yes, you heard me 90 minutes, including, wash, dryer and it blow out! If I'm lying then I'm flying and you see I don't have any wings! The second aspect at Sisters is that they don't try to sale you a bunch of stuff. If you have your own products fine, they don't hit you with ridiculous mark ups on things you can buy yourself. I bring in my own conditioner that I make at home and they are okay with it. They don't look at it and roll their eyes and tell you its no good because you didn't purchase theirs. The winning factor that makes me a repeat customer of Sisters is that they are open at 7 AM everyday. That is the most amazing thing ever! Imagine, you can go to work with your hair freshly done and then go out after work. It may seem crazy to you but after a long day the last thing I want to do is be in a salon. Instead, I wake up thirty minutes earlier and go to Sisters and still get to work on time!As T.I. would say, - "What you know about that?" There is such a boost to your self esteem walking out of Sisters with bouncy and shiny hair all from just a wash and the rest of the day at your disposal. Sisters Salon is the best thing to come to Downtown Brooklyn since, well I don't know.

Sisters Unisex Salon

137 Lawrence Street, 156 Lawrence Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

718. 624.5444

Subway- 2 or 3 Hoyt St

4,5 Borough Hall

M, R Lawrence Street

A,C and F Jay St.

Part of the ingredients to my sleep in conditioner pre-shampoo ritual.

My recipe slathered and comb thru my head. Getting ready for bedtime.

The After shot of Sisters. Shiny and soft ! Just let your Soul Glowwwwwwwww!
Anonymous said...

I tried them for the first time two weeks ago and I absolutley loved their customer service.I used to go to this salon where I would pay $70 for a perm, wash and set, and deep condition, but at Sisters I only payed $33 for the entire service. I got more compliments on my hair than ever before and a saved a lot more money by going to Sisters.

Del Olida said...

Thank You for your review of their shop. I was planning to go their tomorrow to get my hair permed etc. and thanks to you I am confident that they will be able to help my badly deprived hair! PLUS their prices seem pretty good...good enough that I can go regularly!

Anonymous said...

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