Thakoon: Next designer for Target's GO:International line

Target is so damn fashion forward! Slated for arrival mid December, I just hope I don't have to beat up any Conde Nast Assistants at the Atlantic Center Target! It is great to see so many high end designers cashing in on the middle market with mass retailers like H&M, The Gap and of course Target. The GO International collection is a smart business choice for Thakoon, who is regularly featured in Vogue and W. As a note, one of the die hard rules of any Reccessionista is GO International. Great designers, small collections and limited runs make for H.O.M.A.D. purchases up the yazoo. I know one person who collects a pieces from all of the past GO collections. I think she thinks they will be worth something one day- hey you never know! Target is a hit with soccer moms and true fashionistas alike. Unlike H&M where they use big name designers like Cavalli and Karl Largefeld. Target chooses to work with critically acclaimed smaller designers like Erin Fetherson, Richard Chai and now Thakoon. Target to me is like Barney's, with its spotting new and amazing designers but unlike Barney's , Target has the much lower price point. I can't wait until December!