These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I am a beauty product junkie- and proud of it! It is no secret that I dedicate a lot of my disposable income to lotions and potions. Last week, I told you all about my favorite skin care products which I hope were helpful. This week, I wanted to do a post on my favorite hair products. If you work with me, you have this list memorized due to my constant yakking but for those that don’t ,check it out below and click on the links for more details.

Favorite Pre- Shampoo Treatment
Ojon Restorative Treatment- I tried it last year and after the first use I was hooked. For more intensity, I sleep in it and then have it washed out at the salon. Ojon will leave your hair super duper shiny and bouncy, I kid you not, and I used no products for sheen or even hydration until mid way from my next wash. It is a little pricey but I like to refer to this as a lifesaver and an investment in your health.

Favorite Shampoo
Pantene Relaxed and Natural Moisturizing Shampoo- So often we tend to over shampoo our hair. Assuming that squeaky clean is the best not knowing it is leaving your hair short of damaged. Pantene’s entire product line is excellent but this shampoo enriches your hair with natural oils that so often are stripped while washing.

Favorite Deep Conditioner
Kiehl’s Intensive Repairateur Deep Conditioning Pak- I found this glorious product at no other than Jack’s World on West 33rd street. Best buy of 2007, it left my hair bouncy, silky and light. I didn’t hoard tons of this product like I have done in the past but now I just order it online.

Favorite Leave In Conditioner
3 Salerm 21 Technique- I hate product build up and this is one leave in conditioner that is light but provides the heat protective agents you need for a blow out. All you need is a quarter size amount and voila- tangles are gone and your hair takes to the heat well.

Favorite Moisturizing Agent
Phytospecific Moisturizing Styling Balm- Scalp a little dry, edges a little frizzy? One fingertip of the lightweight balm and you get shine without a Dax like feeling.

Favorite Temporary Color
Semi permanent Color- Adore- Hands down best rinse on the market. The colors never deposit on your scalp or on you face , whcih I hate to see. Instead ,it gives a light coating of color and sheen on the cuticle of the hair, conditioning in the process. I use Paprika in the fall for a nice hue against the sunlight.

Alright guys,I've let you in on my favorite products, let me know what you use on your tresses.