Top Ten Fashionista Televsion Shows

1. Project Runway
It has made sewing chic!

2. The Rachel Zoe Project
OMAGA, It's Bananas !

3. Sex and The City
So what it went off the air 4 years ago, you know you watch it on the CW!

4. The Hills
Screw Lauren and Heidi, it is all about Team Whitney!

5. Girlfriends
Joan/ Tracy Ellis Ross was one of the baddest sisters on TV!

6. Gossip Girl
This is a total guilty pleasure if you are over the age of 19 but, I love seeing Sixteen olds with Birken bags.

7. America's Next Top Model
Makes you work on your poses, even if My Space is the only place your pics are seen.

8. Ugly Betty
A return to Camp and thank you Jesus, Vanessa Williams is working!

9.The Game
That Sister to Sister Chic is hot to death!

10. Lipstick Jungle
The poor man's SATC!