Warning, Food May Appear Healthier Than It Is

So after hitting up the SSS Clothing Line Sample Sale and getting two Theory Leather jackets for less than 100 bucks, I needed to refuel. I decided on Cosi for a salad, I am trying to keep it light because, tonight I am making veal meatballs. This is what I got:

Looks healthy right- Ha! Upon further inspection there is my Make Your Own Salad that had Craisins, Croutons, Blue Cheese and regular Balsamic. In addition, my Carb loaded Cosi bread, which brings out the worse in people standing on line. Finally my 600 calorie smoothie- which I got for free because of my previous Cosi purchases. Doesn't quite look like a #2 at McDonald's but it is around the same Calorie Count! It will balance out with my purchases from the Farmer's Market, check me out with Caroline!

P.S. Sneak preview of my SSS Sample Sale purchase!

This was $55

This was $45

This is a H.O.M.A.D. purchase......... H.O.M.A.D. stands for Hate On Me All Day!