Weekend Wrap- Part 1- Time Square is a Fashion Diaspora

I took my cousin Kerry to see the Dark Knight and Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square. My eyes are still bleeding from the attack of horribleness I had to bear witness too. I was visually assaulted with not just fanny packs but skorts, visors, more fake Coach, Gucci and Vuitton than you can count. Like acid these terrible sights made me scream out "I'm melting, I'm melting!" I will say, I enjoyed The Dark Knight and Ripley's is great. After taking everything in, and seeing the smile on my cousin's face, I am happy with the is Disneyfication of Times Square. Check out the Pics below:

This is not a real person but, she had on the middle age tourist uniform

This statue was dressed better than most of the humans

Another well dressed statue

My cousin would rather be tortured than look at the horrible outfits he was subjected to

I was overdressed as usual

This statue was about the average size of each tourist

This was the best dressed thing in Times Square