Wishlist- Fall Accesories

I need another handbag like, I need a hole in my head but the YSL Tribute keeps showing up in my dreams. Starring Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami , the YSL Tribute and the city of Paris, my dream is oh so hard to understand. Pray for me! At just $489, this bag is super cheap for YSL. Although many love Vuitton and Gucci , I hold YSL bags close to my heart as they are so well crafted and stunning. Due to the YSL's lack of huge ornament like logos, only the rarest fashionista can recognize YSL. I remember the day like it was yesterday when I purchased my Zebra print Mombasa with the faux ivory handle. So touching so dear to my soul! Those same feelings are coming up for Tribute as well. What I will do is present my case to the Hot Bag Mafia (my mom and dog Cinnamon are members) after seeking their advice I 'll make a decision from there!

I definitely don't need anymore shoes but, these platform sandals, also from YSL are taking me back to the glam 70's disco era. Ugh, being an 80's baby I totally missed out on the glamorous days of disco. I can totally make up for it now with these bad boys. I'll put trying these on at Saks one of my errands this weekend. I'll keep you posted!