And on the Sixth Day

My calves and feet are on fire as we get to the end of Fashion week, but I figure no pain no gain and headed over to the Willow presentation on Thursday. Tres magnefique- is how I would describe the entire collection. Willow, in my book was by far one of the best shows of the season.
The color palette was stunning, the accessories, the models- everything. I wonder if Willow does a line of credit? Inspired by the costumes of the Ballet Ruses, the dresses allowed for freedom of movement but still body conscious. I saw Harem, meets Goddess meets Safari still stellar!

Waiting outside of Willow and I saw these hot ass shoes!

Willow S/S 09

The shoes at Willow were divine!

Caroline and Karmyn outside of Willow

Me Outside of the Willow Presentation

I made my way back to the tents for the Custo Barcelona show later that evening. I honestly believe that half of downtown Barcelona was there. Models sashayed down the run way in a sort of showgirl meets St Tropez meet Valley of the Dolls theme. Glam Chic all day everyday was my overall impression. Linda and I made a mad dash for the side exit and headed over to Havana for a nice quiet dinner. No scene no crowds just great food and drink to wind down!

Custo Barcelona S/S 09

Custo Barcelona S/S 09

Alright, so the last day is here and I will make an early arrival at Baby Phat to give you the rundown of all the famous faces- Stay awake!