Beauty - Guest Blogger Tamara

Good day! I haven't hit you guys with any beauty info in a minute so I called on celebrity make up artist and BFF Tamara, to spotlight some of her favorite places and products that won't break the bank.

"Pricey cosmetics are sweet indulgences but nothing is better than a padded bank account. To save money and not skimp on quality, I frequent 2 stores in the Big Apple that never let me down."

First stop Ricky's
A NYC born and bred store, heavily stocked with hard to find products, Ricky's ,carries Miss Jessie's curly pudding as well old favorites like Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo. The buck doesn't stop there, for last minute calls to duty, I will pop in to pick up kit essentials like Maybeline Great Lash-$7, Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation -$7(the trick for glossy bodacious smackers) and must have make up remover, Albolene- $10.

Next stop Rite Aid
As a professional, I depend on high end make up applicators to emulate great skin. Luckily, I have discovered that Rite-Aid carries Victoria Vogue Pro non latex sponges and cotton puffs both under $4. Revlon's Luxurious Color Eyeliner $7 is a frugal version of MAC pro eyeliner as well.

Thanks Tamara for your professional tips to looking great! Ricky's has a knowledgeable staff that can reference any hard to find product and they don't try to over sale like so many commission based make- up counters. Drugstores are even better because the risk on your pocket is very low and whatever doesn't work you can return! Catch Tamara next week as she gives us a breakdown of the best make up looks at the VMAs.


Anonymous said...

Shout out to Lo'Diva aka Hardcor lol..OMG I luv Ricky's and thankyou Ms Tamara for putting me on to Miss Jessie's..I have been searching for a hair product line like this. I'm going to see about some curly pudding soon as I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

GREAT tips - I'm a big ol' fan of Sally's Lip Inflation as a stand alone or over my favorite color. There is NOTHING fashionable about me except for the fact that I try to match which doesn't always work out in my favor. I think whatever fashion sense I had slowly disappeared when I left NY back in 03. Sad, but true. With that said, you've won a loyal fan to your blog sugar.