Define to me Swag

The above image is a consolidated view of all of the gift bags I acquired over Fashion Week. Some good, some bad, all great perks. Name an industry where you must have a goodie bag to have a good night? I finally went through each bag and narrowed it down to my five best gift bag items take a look below:

1. Smashbox Cosmetics Bionic Mascara at the Geren Ford Show

I am a product junkie by now you have seen the scary images but this Mascara is amazing. I won't neglect my other products but I honestly love what this product did. I got the longest, meanest lashes ever! My eyes look huge and my lashes look so thick I was batting them like a fool. In addition, it doesn't run, it doesn't clump and you can apply in the morning and it last all day. I am in love!

2. Face Stockholm Lip Gloss in Rose W 29 Showroom Gallery Exhibit

Face Stockholm is a total industry secret and that is why so many love it. This gloss adds a slight tint, it moisturizes and it is not super smacky. I hate to look like I just had Church's chicken when I wear gloss. It is a great addition to my arsenal of products.

3. Completely Bare Gift Certificate- GEN ART Show

Last year's GEN ART Goodie bag was my fave. They had ROC facial pads, and a plethora of amazing beauty products. This year still great but not that many beauty products. The Completely Bare GC for $200 bucks is the bomb without anymore to say. I wasn't thinking about getting any laser hair removal but now I am totally thinking about it.

4. GHD Shining Serum- Willow Presentation

At first, I was hesitant to get excited over this product. Sammy J assured me that she had used it and loved it so I gave it a try. My hair was blinging, it looked like Yaki 2B. Add to the fact all you need is a drop and bam. It is so good, I am rationing this on myself.

5. Aldo grey leather pocket book- Abi Ferrin show

I am a total Bag Snob but to get a leather bag for free- you can't beat that. The bag is sleek and stylish and has a slight metallic touch. I may pull it out but, I think it would be great to pass on to my cousin -hint hint!

There you go, 5 of my swag items I accumulated from Fashion Week. Now don't get me wrong, I was very appreciative of everything it is just somethings peaked my interest more than others. It would be great if you let me know of any amazing swag you received in the past or at fashion week so shoot me an email at and I will profile it- Don't forget the pics!