Fashion Week Downtime- YSL Sample Sale

As I was running from show to presentation to after party during Fashion week please do not think that I stopped shopping. What forced me to slow down was time and space. I had a jam packed schedule, and I hate carrying shopping bags with me to events. However, the YSL Sample Sale sort of fell into my lap and I couldn't resist it and I am so happy I didn't pass on it. The Willow presentation wasn't quite ready upon arriving so we stood on 18th street and took some pics. What stood out to me was this:

I watched people walk out with their secret brown paper bags and all I could think about was Mombasas and Muses being bought at cost. I had so many things on my schedule that there was no way I could even slip in for a few minutes- I was depressed. After we hit up the Custo Barcelona show, Linda and I met up with some friends for drinks. Alli, a die hard stylista pulled me to the side and showed me her bounty- two amazing leather belts from the YSL Sample sale. I couldn't believe it and they where such a steal.
Luckily, the next morning which also happened to be the official last day of Fashion week was a late morning. My first show was at noon. With Godspeed I ran back over to the Metropolitan Pavilion and allotted myself a budget and a wish list.
Budget- $ Only use cash
Wish list- Mombasa or Muse in any color, Wide belts and scarves.

I was focused and hopeful. There where no bags when I arrived but there was a box of belts that were drool worthy and so damn cheap. I picked up three pictured below, a pair of jeans dropped my business card in the box for future updates and was out of there in 20 minutes. I am a disciplined shopper.

The YSL Sale was peaceful, no aggressive ass Security guard, no nasty try on room wenches. Just a light airy loft space with a pleasant young lady at the belt table helping people understand French sizing and another helpful woman in the try on area. I wasn't rushed or bullied at all. If all Sample Sales were like this, I would do them more often. I was still disappointed that I missed out on the bags but I signed up to the Metropolitan Pavilion's event alert and when the next YSL Sample Sale rolls around I will camp out the night before to score a Muse or Mombasa below full price. Click here to sign up for future events at the Metropolitan Pavilion.