Fashion Week First Timer- Aisha

It is hard for me to keep up with Fashion week, so as you know I have deployed a cast of fashionable characters to give me their insight on our adventures these past few fashionable and fun days. Aisha, my fellow bathroom picture taker, gave a remarkable synopsis of the events she has attended:

Three words to summarize my fashion week experience...Champagne, Champagne, and of course fashion! We made three stops in the course of three hours, if I were a hooker I'd be rich! Our first stop was the Selima Optique Party. I'd never heard of Selima Optique because I don't wear glasses, but her pieces made me wish I did (only for a second though, you can't beat 20/20). Luckily, she also makes sunglasses, so the visually gifted can still purchase Selima. During our half hour appearance, I took pictures, exchanged greetings with a friendly Selima in my native french (ah - Ca va?), and of course sipped on a miniature, yet sufficient bottle of champagne. We hurried to the tents for the Tibi show, and apparently so did everyone else. We didn't get in. Standing in line, I observed the fashion week fashions which ranged from those trying too hard, to those that could try harder, and a few that got it just right. I couldn't leave empty-handed, so I grabbed the latest fashion mags. And of course, there was champagne. Our final stop was the Abi Ferrin afterparty - champagne, champagne, and more champagne. In conclusion, long live fashion & champagne!

Thanks Aisha for your thoughts! I am super happy that my guests have been able to enjoy Fashion Week as much as I have. I want to shed a tear. Don't fear I still have a few more guest post, there are two more day left- Stay tuned my fellow fashionistas-stay tuned!