Fashion Week First Timer- Calis

Hey guys, I know I have hit you all over the head with my posts about Fashion Week and you best to believe, I will be hitting you with more as the week continues. On Thursday, Calis attended a couple of events with me and I asked him to kick some knowledge to the readers about his experience at Fashion week. Here goes Calis' take:

Fashion Week or pre Fashion Week to some did not disappoint. The first event, Yummie Tummie, took an interesting approach in presenting their ahem- wears. The presentation consisted of stripper poles, Go-Go dancers and I didn't even have to part with one dollar- and this was just the beginning of the evening! Next up, was the Gen Art show. Tons of clothes and everything started to look the same but, I will tell you this, women have so much to look forward to next Spring. Almost all of the designers showed sexy, flowing dresses in bold and beautiful colors. One question: Who wears short shorts, apparently the men. I have got some pretty decent legs, but I think I'll stick with pants this coming Spring. Last on my list of Fashion Adventures with Shaunya was the Zhozet party at Fashion 40. Great concept, great pieces and super stylish. Ladies make an appointment now!

Thanks Calis for your take on Fashion week with yours truly! Look for more post this week from Shot, Eat and Sleep regulars Abby, Aisha and Claribelle!