Fashion Week First Timer- Claribelle

Check out Shop, Eat and Sleep Regular Claribelle on her take of NYC Fashion week:

As a newbie to Fashion week events, I was excited and filled with much anticipation to not only see the fashion, but the people. Our first event was in Times Square for Edwing Angelo. Upon arriving I was instantly struck by all of the good looking stylish people. I mean, where are these people hiding the other 358 days of the year? The vibe of the attendees was very urban chic and if I’m not mistaken, I saw what could be next month’s hot boy band. The perfectly groomed quarter were a bit too matchy-matchy to just be friends. Edwing Angelo’s spring/summer 09 line was all white with black accents. The first few things that came out were not really my style but I dug his dresses with crisp, clean lines and quirky details like black piping and white netting.

The second event was Venexiana. Three words, dresses dresses and more dresses. There was a ton of pastel, sometimes on the edge of mother of the bride-ish cuts, but there were a few pieces that really stood out. One consistent thing I saw in both shows were several pieces that the layering of lace or netting to change the garment’s shape. Loved that! The attendees were eccentric and the people watching here was definitely top notch. Overall, my only criticism would be all the lines we waited in, and can’t imagine what it’s like for the folks who have to attend ALL of these shows and spend the majority of their time simply waiting and/or standing around. I suppose this is where the free drinks come in, and M&M was a FW sponsor so little snacks along the way DEFINITELY help!
All in all a fantastic time and if given the chance, I’d do it again (and this time wear cute flats)!
Thanks so much CC for your valued thoughts! See more of Claribelle in past posts!