Fashion Week First Timer- Linda

NYC Fashion week may be over and done but not in my heart. To help me recollect a stunning eight days of organza, chiffon and lame, Linda provided me with her recollection of the Custo Barcelona show:

My 1st experience at Fashion Week for the Custo Barcelona show was exactly how I envisioned it! It was MADNESS! Even though we had to wait on 1 line to get to the next line, the anticipation was exciting. It seemed that all of Barcelona was there! I couldn't really see anyone but I got a glimpse of Jay Manuel sitting in the front row. Once we got in the show was over in a whim. I was still pretty impressed with the collection. To add drama to the event a girl near me got light headed and was quickly offered a seat.
Even thought we didn’t get a chance to take pics, my memories will always be remembered!

Aaah another soul touched by the world of fashion, I love it! I hope you all loved my guest telling you about their experiences. I know I did!