Fashion Week Firstimer- Caroline

I took my Aussie friend Caroline to see Aussie designer Kit Willow present her line. It was Caroline's first Fashion presentation and she sent me over a review of her Fashion Week experience check it out:

When I decided to leave Australia to live in New York 3 years ago, I arrived with a long list of experiences that I wanted to have before I left the island! Obviously some of these are easier to come by than others. Well today I can say I am one experience richer. I attend my first New York fashion week presentation and it was a fellow Aussies at that, Willow. I have adored Willow’s clothing since she launched her collection all those years ago in Australia and today was no exception. The event wasn’t a fancy, rah-rah, kisses on two cheeks, alcohol flowing sort of thing…instead it was just a relaxed, casual event in a big empty space with photographers and fashion industry types coming to see the Aussie Girls latest collection.

There was no catwalk, instead there was an empty room with a large 3 tiered structure in the middle of it, on which the models stood, and stood, and stood. The girls with their long slightly messed up hair, natural make-up, dead-pan faces, were all draped in a single collection that could be sub-divided into three different “palettes”… black, orange and neutral. Yet, mixed within the ranges were some fantastic pieces created out of some fantastic patterns…yes Shaunya I too can imagine you strutting your stuff in that floor length leopard inspired print dress. Now finally, the shoes…well now these were something else – slightly futuristic, slightly gladiatorish, slightly modish…but very, very cool. Would I wear them…no…but would I look at someone else wearing them and say “they are fantastic”…absolutely. The clothing, shoe combination of Willows collection is what I love about fashion, it’s that ability of a designer to put unexpected pieces together and end up with a look that just works…Willows collection was no exception. It was a wonderful break to my day.

Thanks Caroline for your thoughts- hope next season we can do Sass&Bide as well!