Fashion Week Survival Guide

Many may not believe it but, Fashion Week is exhausting. If you include the European shows, it is downright nerve racking. Here are a few tricks to surviving the parade of Choo, Chanel and Louboutin .

1. Bring flats
Yes, those Blahniks are fantastic and everyone is secretly hating your calves but, you and I both know that they are killing you. In between shows and while you are running around, throw on those free Havaianas, your Tory Burchs or even better Jack Rogers- your feet will thank you.

2. Stay hydrated
Those first few days were a scorcher, thankfully there was bottled water at every show. Evian actually is one of the sponsors in the tents so there was a plethora of mini bottles for consumption.

3. Fashion Soup and ‘wichcraft keeps you from fainting
Back to back shows leave very little room for Fashionista lunches. Add to the fact that most fashion people don’t eat and you will see it becomes your last priority to ingest solids. I lost at least 4 pounds due to running around, consuming soup and the occasional croissant for lunch. On top of that I had mostly champagne for dinner and you’ve got what I like to call the Midtown diet!

4. The dress code is Comfortable Chic
You can totally tell someone new to fashion week because they have on what I like to call, ahem- regalia. Note to the newbies/crashers: Poll the front row for their outfits and see how it is really done. I saw enough prom and Marquee outfits I could fill a mall.

5. The Daily
One of the greatest forms of print media, The Daily keeps you from dying of boredom waiting for a show to start. It also makes your train rides easier.

6. Sponsor Open bar
Office Max served champagne and Svedka had their own bar. Relax in between shows with a super cute cocktail. It also numbs the pain on your feet.

7. Metrocard-
Anna Wintour has car service. For the rest of the world we hit the Iron horse to get to offsite shows. My unlimited metrocard is a great investment.

8. H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle, Zara and Club Monaco-
They fill your Fashion Week uniform out. The clothes being shown and the salaries of those watching, have a major gap. For the S/S shows invest in a great bag- I had my Sabrina and my Boston, which I have nicknamed the carry-on for their size. For shoes- I stocked up at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale and Loehmann’s just days before. The rest of your wardrobe should consist of great pieces that are not a fortune, which is why I listed the places above. My fashion week wardrobe consisted of Hootie Couture vintage, H&M, Club Monaco, Forever 21, The Gap, Old Navy and Loehmann’s. I accessorized with Gucci, Prada, Mui Mui, Gunmetal, Report Signature, Jessica Simpson and Marc Jacobs. They key was comfy chic, unidentifiable and inexpensive.

9. Swag beauty-
No lipstick or hair serum for a touch up, go thru your swag and I guarantee there will be a last minute beauty product. At the Abi Ferrin show, I received a Cargo lip color palette that saved me for evening touchups .

10. Follow your seat assignment-
Hey you the 5’1” dude in a caftan- you are not Andre Leon Talley- sorry. There is nothing worse than being removed right before the show starts because you sat in a seat not assigned to you. It is the utmost worse thing to happen outside of falling on the runway. Have some pride and wait until the ushers tell you to move down.