Fashion Week- Visitor Abigail

In case you're not done with my reviews of shows, I stalked Abigail via email to give me her take on Pre- fashion week, which took place last Wednesday and Thursday. Take a look below:

Pre-fashion week kicked off with the funky-yet sophisticated Geren Ford show. First, I must give major cred to the show's producers for choosing such a visually enticing spot. This place was so sexy, I almost did the "bend and snap" when I walked in! Surrounded by medieval-esque d├ęcor, comfy sofas and intricate metal work, I was buried in interior design heaven. But enough about the ambiance--Geren is bringing us something to look forward to in Spring 09. If effortless, yet funky style is your thang, then Geren Ford is the line for you. With slouchy shorts, shift dresses and pleated-up skirts presented in a colorful- yet cool palette of teals, eggplant and pops of yellow, your wardrobe will comfortably shift from the work week to the weekend. Not to mention, the goody bag included their signature "dog" scarf and Smashbox's new gloss "O-gloss". Please, please, please run to Sephora for this gloss-I swear by it!

Next stop was an exhibit for PYT accessories displayed by illustrator Sara Singh. This exhibit could not be any cuter with its flowery fonts, whimsical silhouettes and the Michael Jackson/Jackie Chan bartender. The accessory line is an array of huge pastel baubles that reminded me of pastry and made me kinda hungry. Being the major art nerd that I am, I discovered an illustration by the well-known fashion illustrator, Liselotte Watkins, in the goody bag. How thoughtful!! The last stop was a photo exhibit by Jesse Frohman, who displayed a few images of the late Kurt Cobain enjoying a cigarette, bottled water and brushing his teeth all while wearing leopard. Along with the images of muted roses which hung over the exhibits' crowd of sophisticated urban hipsters and neo aristocrats, I was impressed by the cool vibe that the show gave off. A great experience indeed. Big-up to Frohman for proving that less is actually more!

Thanks- Abby!