Labor Day, Warehouse Sales, Liquid Brunch!

Welcome back to work! Sorry about my lack of post, I was working on a project that didn’t pan out exactly but nevertheless I have some great stories to tell you.
Last Wednesday Aisha and I went to the Intermix Warehouse Sale. Lots of inventory but no major H.O.M.A.D. purchases. I tried on a Herve Leger dress which would have totaled about $325, a steal for Leger but it didn’t make me look like Rihanna or Ciara so I passed. The shoes were alright, Stella McCartney, Brain Atwood for $99 bucks but all in size 6 or 7’s which many people especially canoe wearers like me, could not fit. Aisha ended up with a very slinky and sexy Mara Hoffman dress in gunmetal for $79 bucks. I was just happy I made it out of there without catching a case. There is something about a major sale that brings the aggressiveness out of your typical Intermix shopper which leaves you very shaken. To smooth things out we headed over to Loehmann’s which had some pretty excellent fall pieces under $90 bucks. As I said before get over there A.S.A.P. Before you know it, Fall will be here!

Barney’s Warehouse sale was a two day situation. Day One- Sunday was not successful for me but my friend Calis was . Although pricing was great, shoes were marked down 50%, RTW-60% and jeans 75%; I still didn’t score any major buys. Calis did super well, because of course he was in the more civilized Men’s section. Calis copped a McQueen windbreaker, and three super excellent year round button downs from Tahari, Tse and Marc Jacobs all under $200 bucks. To cheer me up of my disappointment, we headed over to a super cheap brunch at Il Bastardo- for an addition $15 bucks you can get all you can drink mimosas, champagne or Bloody Mary’s- you didn’t have to tell me twice. Calis was super happy about his purchases and I was super buzzed off the mimosas- what a great Sunday.

Here is Calis rubbing it in my face that I didn't get anything on the first day!

Il Bastardo and its amazing Brunch!

Burger for me- I don't diet on the weekends!

I decided to back to Barney’s on Monday because I couldn't stop thinking about a pair of green Blahniks. At about 3:30 on Labor Day, I trekked to Chelsea to see if those Blahnik’s were still there. Ha, was I in for a rude awakening! Not only were the Blahnik’s not there, but there was a damn line to get in and my hope for additional mark downs never surfaced. Even with such bad news, I didn’t leave empty handed. For less than $200 bucks I picked up these two fierce ass pairs of shoes. The pink Mui Muis are to fly for words and I cannot wait to pull them out!

These Mui Muis are shutting it down!

That is what you get for waiting for the last day!

Jean Michael- Cazabat- my grandmother loved these!

Now, I am getting my outfits together for Fashion week which kicks off tomorrow with the Geren Ford show. Check back daily for my commentary and outfits throughout the week!