My Favorite Store of All Time

Many of you may think that my favorite store is Saks or Barney's, my inner circle thinks it's Daffy's but, my all time favorite store has to be ........


Jack's yes as in Jack's 99 cents World! It is my Mecca and not a week goes by I don't dip in there for household products, glasses, sprinkles or even stationery. Jack's is a great place for beauty products, home furnishing and household candles. I have never ever been unsatisfied with any of my Jacks' purchase which have included shrimp and yes I lived! There are three locations in Manhattan- the 32nd Street location is the largest followed by one on 45th between Fifth and Sixth that has higher priced items and an exclusive 99 cent location on 40th between Fifth and Madison. If you are looking for a body scrub, poster paint and new pot holders- Jack's will definitely have it! Stay tuned for my beauty post on Jack's coming soon!