Reading is Fabulous

Two of my best purchases so far have not been clothing but, brace yourself, books. Rachel Zoe's Style from A to Zoe is one of the best style guides, I have read in years. It is one part bio, one part self help. With such uplifting mantras as " You can never be to overdressed" and " Treat every occasion as special" the leopard and vintage loving Zoe has made me love her even more. This book actually had me taking notes, something I din't even do in Level 4 art history! Click on the widget to the right to purchase it on Amazon- I swear you will not be disappointed.

If you know me, you know that I am a huge Faith Evans fan- major. I can tell you the exact dates all 4 of her albums have dropped. With her recently released memoir Keep the Faith, I am still a hardcore fan of the First lady of Bad Boy. Whether its the stories of beating up Lil' Kim or her earlier start in music with Al B.Sure, Faith was able to tastefully and truthfully provide us with all the gossip and interests any die hard Faith stan wants to know. I was so excited about the book, that I would quote passages to my homegirl Amanda who is a dedicated Faith fan as well. We even took it back to our high school years of dissecting all the drama of Charli Baltimore, Mary J. Blige and Lil' Cease. Ooh those were the days! I was so moved by Keep the Faith that I started played Faith's first album over and over this weekend. My neighbors were not thrilled. Keep the Faith is on my best seller list and I hope you will pick it up. Check out this clip of Faith- tearing it up!