shhhhhhhhhhhh- Zhozet is coming

Picture an exclusive by appointment only showroom with soft music in the background, champagne flowing and hard to come by designers to shop from- sounds like paradise right? It is actually called Zhozet and I attended a soiree thrown by then a few weeks ago and I am still raving about it.

Edwina and Jennifer are the two fab sisters behind Zhozet. They came up with the idea to host a sister friendly shopping enclave after one too many horrible shopping experiences. By keeping with the appointment only aspect only the most serious shoppers stop by. Capping it off are soothing and flattering lighting, one one one consultants and bottles of Veueve Clicquot. With designers such as Delirius, Omar Yapoor, Sumie Tachibana, Daniela Tabois and Jonathan Joseph Peters you will never bump into your outfit on the street. Zhozet’s launch party is scheduled this fall and I suggest you set up an appointment now!
Check out my pics from the party and for more info check out a recent article in Clutch magazine and go to Zhozet’s website.

The lovely ladies behind Zhozet-Edwina and Jennifer

Model wearing designer Jonathan Joseph Peters

Collective shot of models and owners

Anonymous said...

Shana Shana Shana,,, is FAB FAB FAB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shana, Shana, Shana, you ar FAB FAB FAB!!!