Beauty Secret- John Freida Collection

I haven't dyed my hair in about six years. I like my natural color and my high school shades of purple and burgundy are not exactly suitable at this stage in my life- I just had a birthday! From time to time I do use Adore Shining Semi-Perm Color, Paprika is my all time favorite. Although I don't color, I do miss the depth that your hair takes on with the right shade. About a year ago, I was rummaging through the bargain bin at Duane Reade when I saw for 50% off John Frieda's hair products. I picked up the Radiant Red Anti Fade Shampoo and the Protective Conditioner for Richer Shades of Red. My total was about $7 bucks and I tried it the next wash. While my hair was still wet, I didn't see a difference. Once blown out, I was pretty happy with the results. My hair reflected light like a prism. It also had depth and although, I didn't get the Lucille Ball hue, I did have a sort of crimson undertone. After about three washes, it was a cranberry shade and my semi- perm color was lasting. I've moved on from the Red Series and have been trying the Brilliant Brunette line. Honestly, there is no change in color but in pics, my hair is super shiny. If you're looking for a boost to your natural shade or if you are trying to maintain between dye jobs, run down to your nearest drugstore and pick up the John Frieda Color Collection. Let me know how it goes!
Anonymous said...

I don't know about other products from John Freida but do not, I repeat DO NOT buy John Frieda hair gel, unless you are going for the dandruff looks. The gel gets flakey after couple of hours!