Get Soft Skin for $1

We all know, I am a product junkie. I like a range of products from La Mer which breaks the bank to these two bargain products that are necessities for the upcoming chilly weather.

First up is Red Fox Tub O' Butter. Better than Vaseline and not as stinky as Coco Butter, Red Fox keeps those areas prone to ash baby soft and smooth. I like to slather it on my feet at night and throw some socks on. In the morning, my dogs feel like babies feet.

Next up is Johnson Parker Hand & Body Moisturizing Cream. I found this super product at my favorite store in the whole wide world Jack's! And yes it is 99 cents- baby! It is very thick which is a major factor in lotions. You put this on you don't have to worry about looking like Ashy Larry at all!

Alright my peeps, that is my secret to avoiding looking like you rolled in flour this winter. Now run to your nearest Jack's and Duane Reade to purchase these products!