Hey guys! So sorry, I haven't been posting as frequently as you're use it. None the less, I am uber excited about the ultra fashionable party my ahem- Dad is throwing this weekend. You are about to witness a Dynasty Like No Other! Stay tuned on Columbus Day for images! In other news, HHK took place on Friday. For the first time in my HHK life, I didn't labor over my outfit and instead I wore head to toe 4eva. Yes, you heard me, head to toe, as in coat, shirt and jeans and I loved it! Aisha took great pics and Suga n da Face did the video! Such a great team- shout out to Aisha and Suga n da Face! After, laying low post fashion week, my fall social schedule has picked up. Last night was Bowlmor Lanes' 70th anniversary party and it was a hit! Smooth front door, wine while you waited for the elevator and amazing food stations. I was expecting bowling, a drink or four and some passed food, I totally underestimated Bowlmor. Tamara and I felt like we had hit the jackpot. An added perk was spotting Danny from Making the Band. I like to call him the poor man's Justin Timberlake but hey- I am only a lifestyle blogger. The night didn't end there. We headed to Capitale for a Smirnoff event that drew a ridic crowd! Everyone wants to be where I am- LOL! Actually, Pharell and Nas were scheduled to come thru but it was crazy. The scene outside was better than the scene inside! All in all it was a great night for me. I got to wear my Theory jacket that I purchased at the SSS Sample a while back. I also pulled out my new hobo- holla! Tamara debuted her HOMAD purchase from Filene's and to sum it up, what a great night!

HHK on Friday night in head to toe 4eva!
Smorgasbord at Bowlmor's 70th Anny
Fruit Extravaganza at Bowlmor
Tamara with her 'Tini

Rocking the nu- nu shhhh for Fall!

Anonymous said...

Chocoloate Guccissima....I love it!!!!!!!! Im over here drooling at your bag in that last pic.....
Oh Yeah...WELCOME BACK!!!!
You think you get these blogs sent to my cell phone??? ;-)

BTW...What the hell is up...Korto didn't win Project Runway...

LeAnne--I mean ok her collection was meticulously done, but it was overly cohesive…It look the same. How many pleated and waved pieces can one have in their closet without throwing up in their mouth?????? I'm over IT.