A Moment to Reflect

I started this blog a little over 3months ago and I just wanted to say thanks to all of my loyal readers! That includes of course my family- Duh. In addition shout out to my dedicated readers who hate that I haven't been posting daily- sorry! Again thanks AND here is a list of a couple of those much appreciated fans.

Square Cheeks, Sam, Aisha, Abigail, Tamara,Linda, Caroline, Abby, Blaque Ty a.k.a- Daaaaarkness, Amanda, Pink Diamond Management, Elise, Angela, Linda, WKP- Modern Vintage Designs, Ty, Tiffany Tanya of Blkgrl, Steve S., Calis, Claribelle, Anna and everyone who is a Fan on Facebook!
My only request is that ya'll start hitting me up with suggestions and pics!

Thanks a lot guys, me love you long time!
Anonymous said...

Lo' Diva -
Id love to read about your take on the latest Sarah Palin wardrobe controversy....They got on Hilary with "Memoirs of the Traveling Pants Suit" ok, they were pretty bad. But they are on Palin's alleged spending on her clothes for the campaign. . Id like get to your take on her so called splurges! Nothing about her look really pops to me except the fact that her skirts are inappropriately TIGHT!!!!

pink diamond management said...

Thank you for the shout out. I love your blog. Each post is exciting and fun. Whether it's fashion or beauty (shout out Tamara) I have learned so much. Please keep it up

Anonymous said...


Thanks forthe shout out!

Great to see you staying on this....I have an upcoming blog that I need you to be a guest wroeter on too!

More soon - your fan

Steve S :)