Sizzling Pout- Red Lipstick

Red lips are classic and sexy. It use to be that Bonne Bell and Smackers were for teenyboppers and grown ass women rocked rouge. Times have changed and Gloss has become a mainstay in cosmetic bags and rarely ever do you see a lady applying lipstick. It takes a whole lot of woman to wear red lipstick. First and foremost, its old school sexy. Look back at images of Dorothy Dandridge or any screen legend and red lips where the beauty trend of an era. So why don’t you awaken your inner siren and try red lipstick for the day? There is a red for everyone whether you are Nordic or a Chocolate Deluxe. If you are still hesitant may I suggest you stop by your favorite department store counter and ask to be matched? Russian Red by MAC is a bestseller as is NARS Red Lizard. If you are looking to take a cheap risk, may I suggest a drugstore brand like Wet ‘n’ Wild 519 a Hot Read or Revlon Classic Cherries in the Snow? One thing for sure you will turn heads with your new pout. Below are a few pics and tips for working a red mouth.

1. Exfoliate. While you can possibly get away with not so supple lips with gloss, lipstick especially matte, catches all your flaky flaws. Brush your lips with a toothbrush and apply a lightweight moisturizer before applying.
2. Liner is very necessary but to avoid that whole ring around the mouth issue with colored liners, apply a nude liner.
3. Red lips are a major statement so keep your eyes and cheek makeup muted as too much will make you look like Pennywise.
4. Blot and reapply to avoid getting any color on your teeth.
5. Go forth and be fly!

Check the pics below to see how red lipstick is done:

Red lips are part of the Gwen Stefani package!

Channeling her inner Jean Harlow, Xtina proudly shows off her pout.

Red lips are for all skin tones. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done!

Moi, channeling my inner diva!