Vogue/CFDA Nominee Albertus Swanepoel

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of meeting 2008 Vogue/CFDA Nominee Albertus Swanepoel a South African born milliner. Albertus is acraftsman of a dying breed. More and more people are wearing hats out of function and not for fashion. If, I see another grown ass woman with a scully, I have been ordered to shoot on sight. My grandfather was a hat wearer and I inherited a love for a striking fedora to top off an outfit. Last winter I rocked a blue sequin beret and the winter before it was all about my red fedora- all about it! Albertus' studio is both office, work space and area of inspiration. An artists' workspace is the best place to do an interview. Stay tuned for my profile piece on Albertus at the end of the month. Also, wish him luck on his recent nomination! Beow are afew more pics of his studio.