Weekend Wrap- Bouchon Bakery Birthday Brunch

Here's a tongue twister Bouchon Bakery Birthday Brunch say that 28 times!
High school chum and fellow blogger, Wanwisa hosted this stunning fete this past weekend and what a lovely event it was. Combine old school graphics, goodies, great food and seeing school mates and I am bound to have a great time! After a great meal, from a personalized menu, I headed to the uptown Loehmann's to get rid of my 15% off coupon - wink wink! The uptown Loehmann's last year and was a major dissappointment but I have done a 720- Ha! In the sales racks were tons of dresses by Geren Ford, Sequin dusters by Isli, Helmut Lang power jackets- It was to die for. Look at this equation 25% yellow ticket, 15% on top of that- c'est magnifinque! Sadly, I had to walk away from a cream Helmut Lang coat that would have been about $120 bucks- it was too big- boooo! They had great cashmere, a shitload of dresses and a tons of Tahari - I passed on a lurex sort of shimmy and just to let you know how amazing Loehmann's is- Emmy winning actress Lynn Whitfield was in the fitting room. Below are pics from the brunch- droll over the DIY and the food!

Whimsical personal touches!
My amazing Lobster BLT!

The Birthday cake!

Me and the birthday girl!

Class of '98!
Anonymous said...

love!!!! thx again for everything!

ChocDiva said...

Brunch looks like it was a blast. I love the class of '98. It seems like you can go to ten events and not see the same people twice. We should do something AMAZING (I hate that word, but will use it anyway) for the holidays. My store has so many FAB dresses that I have to get with no where to go!

chicopea said...

It was so good to see you! I'm still thinking about the macaroons.

I hope you are not still having cake for breakfast ;)

Cool blog :)