The Dress

There has been some backlash to the Narcisco Rodriguez dress worn by Michelle Obama on election night. Many think that it was too bold and that it was more fashionista than fashionable- there is a difference. Personally I loved it but I do believe that for television and for the area it was in, a vast non decorative open space, the print is a little harder to pull off. Wardrobe for basic day to day and wardrobe for television are where the stylish and the stylist come together. Due to television rays and the two dimensional platform that it is, certain prints and colors are not used often as there are harder to process visually. I also believe that the dress in itself and Narciso are very fashion forward and the masses aren't able to put that together.

What I will say it that I look forward to four years of great fashion!
chicopea said...

I loved how the four of them were matching. I was taken back by the dress at first but it really grew on me.

Unknown said...

love it!