Flowers are not just for the Spring

Before Carrie sashayed the streets of New York with her huge Flower pin, grandmas and other designated church ladies were doing it for years. This weekend, while shopping for dresses with my bride to be friend Caroline, we realized we love silk flower pins. We had some time in between appointments and we made a dash over to M&J Trimmings to take a look at their 200+ collection of silk flower pins. I fell in love with a hunter green silk folded one while we searched for Bridal ones as well. M&J is a great place to add some kick to your winter wardrobe. Tired of your black wool coat- kick it up a notch with some bold brass buttons. Have a blah dress that you can't let go of- buy a yard of beaded trimming and have it placed on the hem! You can spend hours in there and the prices are pretty good! If you love the idea of a obnoxious floral pin on your lapel ,may I also suggest Artemis Inc and Sleeve Garden!