Real Ass Housewives

I have not publicly declared my love and devotion and downright obsession with Real Housewives of Atlanta. Many of you have been victim to emails with sizzling gossip on Kim, Lisa and Sheree in that order as it is very hard for me to find any info on DeShawn and Nene. I have converted my mother into a diehard fan and I feel so bad for anyone who calls me on Tuesday night at 10 pm because it is on and poppin! As the show winds to an end I thought I give you what I deem some of the highlights of this season.

1.Finding out Nene’s real name is Linnethia. Okay could you tell me what the hell is a Linnethia- sound like a disease. We ran some test and it came back that you have Linnethia.
2.Kim’s wig. Oh dear! Can you tell me how a white women in Atlanta can go around with a jacked up ass wig? My home girl had a revelation very early in the season when she said the wig was from Fredrick’s of Hollywood click here to see which one.
3.Sheree looks like a damn pelican. Nothing more to say!
4.DeShawn is boring but in a good way. She still reminds me of the chubby mean girl in High School who thought she could a model because she was in a few church fashion shows.
5.Lisa – The Blasian one is Keith “Make It Last Forever” Sweat’s ex- wife.
6.Dallas Austin should get a Nobel Prize for working on Kim’s country album. There is no other way to explain his participation in the body of work referred to as studio time gone wrong.
7.Greg, Nene’s husband kicks some knowledge up in our heads and lets us know he is the only one on the damn show with some sense.
8.Nene needs a damn bra.
9.Stripping is considered a noble profession right up there with teaching kindergarten in Atlanta.
11.All the ladies are appalling in their choice of fashion.
12.Dwight- Nene’s gay husband looks like a triple fool with that damn French Manicure- He reminds me of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
13.What the hell is this crap about Big Poppa being a celebrity? Puuuhleeze- sneeze on my toe. Big Poppa is married- big difference.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I wish you could see how hard I'm laughing right now. I agree,Dallas deserves a Grammy just for that stunt. Also, someone please tell Sheree that success is not defined by the man that you marry. Let's first start by throwing a decent fashion show. Puhlease!

Melissa.Danielle said...

Personally, I feel that Nene was the most authentic - as authentic as you can get on a reality show. I think she represented the type of "blackness" that the other so-called "high-class" or "high-society" Housewives were trying to escape, and being around her reminded them of where they came from.

I wish they had cast someone from old money to contrast with those women. THAT would've been real.

Anonymous said...

brian atwood is one Brian atwood pumpsof those