Real Housewives Reunion- The Best Twenty Minutes of my Life

Tonight was the reunion and in the immortal words of Glamarama- Ooh to the F-n Weeee! Can I say D-R-A-M-A? I have so much to say that I have decided to transcribe the notes I took while watching to give you a peek into my mind.

Nene most definitely was listening to M.O.P. before she showed up because she was live like a wire!
Could someone explain to Kim that hair falling out and you thinking you have cancer are two different things? Hair loss can be hormonal, it could be lupus it could be alopecia- but for her to pull the c word with some crocodile tears to make Nene look bad was not a good look.
Sheree was shook to death. Her mouth was so dry you could hear her hard ass jaw cracking.
DaShawn has amazing ice-out skills. She pretended as though Kim and Sheree were not even there- I admire her.
Lisa still gets on my nerves and she still reminds me of this blabber mouth chick I went to junior high with. To my Schuyler heads email me to find out who I am talking about.
Dwight gave Kim the killer knock you off the block, you tried to wild out on my homegirl cold diss.
Please explain to me how Shereee claims she didn’t know what a Golddigger was? Here she is living in the Mecca of Golddiggers and she claims she didn’t- know. Sheree is about as real as a $3 dollar bill.

Again, the first twenty minutes were amazing. Stunning! I laughed, I cried and I know Nene's blood pressure went through the roof and Kim was wearing Depends. Tell me your thoughts- please!
Melissa.Danielle said...

I love NeNe more than ever now. Sheree and Kim are a match made in heaven. We've stepped in puddles deeper than those two.