How To Recession Proof Your Wardrobe-

How to Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

It is quite obvious we are in a Recession. With odd and yet mass layoffs happening everyday from major corporations, crazy sales at luxury retailers and layaway making a comeback-, Well Virginia there may not be a Christmas! That is what I told my dogs the other day. Never the less, as we scale back on shopping as all sane people should do, there is still the factor of how to shop well, even in these odd times and what do you shop for? Welcome to, part 1 of my 5 part series of How to Recession Proof your Wardrobe.

Tip# 1

Shop your own wardrobe

That’ s right, strip down to your skivvies, put on some Beyonce, pop a cork and go through your dresser, closets etc and start shopping for stuff you have already bought. Shopping always sounds more fun than editing which is what you are really doing. The key is to set up three piles; what do you want to keep, what needs to be freshened up and what needs to go to charity. Now only keep things you have worn in the past 18 months. If they are stained, or shot to death pass them along to clothes heaven. But what you will love about this exercise, I you will revisit pieces that may have gotten lost but they are oldies but goodies. I love pulling out an oldie, throwing it on and getting a compliment on what I like to call personal vintage! While you are deciding what you will keep, make additional piles of what clothes are work, casual and special events You should have the following composition 70% work, 20% casual and 10% special event. It doesn’t have to be that exactly but, you should be working as close to that as possible. In the freshen up pile, note what needs to be dry cleaned and or altered. By just going through what you own, you will be able to find a number of great outfits. To really get into shopping your own wardrobe, accessorize head to toe, yeah you heard me. You are the same person in the store saying- what does this go with? So now you are home and you can put the whole outfit together, so do it!

The weekend is here so hurry up and get to this fun project! Here is some homework; while you are shopping your own wardrobe make a list of what you are missing that will be part of Tip # 2!

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