Part 2- How To Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

From Here On Now Make a Shopping List

99% Of women who are hardcore shoppers, shop to just shop. Unlike men who shop with a detailed focus, many women, including myself, freestyle shop. The most focus I have is that I want to get something, that’s it. Since we are in an Economic crisis, and I am giving tips on recession proofing your wardrobe, I suggest you shop with a list. You make a list of what you need for the grocery- right; well the same rules apply when you’re wardrobe shopping for a recession. Now I mean a real list not a wish list, big difference. A Black Croc- Birkin is on my list but I what I really need is a black cardigan more than anything else. Most recently, I have tried shopping with my list and it has worked to help me edit my purchases. Instead of ooh great top, I say is this on my list? If it isn’t, I pass. This tactic is better than any guilt trip or odd justification. Take a look at my list below and try shopping with your list the next time you stop in a store! Stay tuned for Part 3 Invest in the Core and Break For Classics in my five part series of How to Recession Proof Your Wardrobe!